Videcom Download Companion

Videcom Dahua Companion Setup
Important !! The Download Companion uses a third party OCX for the advanced DVD burning, this needs to be installed in order to use our software, this version installer is free to use for 30 days. To use the Dahua Companion beyond 30 days you will need to contact Videcom to register your software. Contact Videcom for full version.

Download Companion (installer) has been written to streamline the burning of CCTV footage exported from Smart PSS, DSS as well as Luxriot EVO systems (EVO Monitor also has built in export to DVD). The software, written by Videcom Security, works with the CCTV client applications delivering a simple user interface, enabling the fast copying or burning to CD,DVD,USB Memory and USB External disk. Companion advanced burner routine is up to 5 times faster than Windows copy to DVD.

Companion supports most common video export formats avi mp4 asf mkv asf and dahua dav. Our software has been designed to simplify and log the downloading of exported video to DVD, CD, USB Memory Stick, SD Card and USB Hard disk. We have a good selection of built in configuration options.

  • Dahua DSS & Dahua PSS: Both these options will download the Dahua Player and supports get most recent download function. Export media will auto-start and load player.

  • Luxriot EVO: Supports Luxriot downloads and will as default also download the Luxriot portable Player, supports most recent export. Export media will auto-start player and list video files in file tree.

  • Videcom VNR: Supports Videcom VNR and any system that saves video files. Most recent export function will get video but not process name. Export media will have video files, autorun and logs only.

  • VLC & PotPlayer Portable : These are free to use players that work with most video formats. Both players support soft subtitles on MP4 and MKV files, these can be generated on Luxriot EVO systems, enabled encoded time and date. Get recent export works like VNR mode, full portable version players are downloaded along with auto-start that will play the first video.

  • For quick user guide click here

    Companion is designed to work with downloads created by Dahua DSS, Dahua PSS and Luxriot EVO. Routines have been included to recognise the default save name formats for each of these systems, this is required when using the get last download function. DSS,PSS & EVO are trademarks

    Companion Requires a little setting up manually

    a. Install Advanced DVD Burner OCX (30 day trial version).
    b1. Install Dahua Toolbox and install Smart Player.
    b2. Or Install Luxriot EVO Monitor.
    b3. Or Install VLC Portable Player.
    b4. Or Install PotPlayer Portable
    c. Install Videcom Download Companion, accept installation if prompted by Smart Screen or your Antivirus program
    d. Install optional USB Eject Tool.

    Manual Configuration

    1. Create a Folder on your workstaion HDD to save local log files to, this is LogFilePath, by default this is now created "C:/Companion Log"
    2. Create a Folder on your workstation HDD and place a copy of the Smart Player (or EVO player) folder here, this is CopyFilesLocation
           You can add other files here, for example a copy of the Dahua Player Manual.
    3. Check Smart Player folder is in the folder created in step 2, and save this folder name in setting PlayerFolderName
    4. Make a note of where your Smart PSS, DSS or EVO saves downloads, this is VideoDataLocation, you can update this location when browsing for video files.
    5. Choose an organisation name for the system owner, this is Customer
    6. As above, use same name for client

    For Luxriot EVO users you can also use the Videcom EVO Player

    When you first start the software you will get some messages asking you to setup the above configuration

    Best option is to select admin tab and select show settings, then if you click inside the settings isplay box, a new window will appear allowing you to edit and save all the settings.

    To view all settings click here. After updating settings save and reboot Companion.

    Videcom EVO Player

    We have saved a run without install copy of our Videcom EVO Player for download. This folder includes a h.265 decoder that works with our player. Videcom Player displays time and date based on the video file name (Luxriot Default) and has been tested with video footage that has embedded time and date. We cannot though guarantee 100% accurate T&D. Please follow instructions in text file, also copy the start.bat file in the downloaded zip and place this in your Companion Files Folder. If you add our player after initial setup then please re-run "Find Player" from the settings window, also remembering to copy or edit the start.bat file.

    Semi Auto Setup

    We have added a "Find Player" button on the settings window, this routine will attempt to find the Dahua or Luxriot Player depending on your Platform setting, we will then (if found) copy the player and also update the PlayerFolder and PlayerName settings. If You have not chosen a Downloads Folder this will also be added as C:/Companion Files and an autoicon subdirectory created and our sample icon saved.

    In settings enter your platform DSS/PSS/EVO/VNR then click save, then click Find Player (be a little patient we will be moving a lot of files about, you should get a couple message prompts as the routine proceeds. You can check after complettion in your Downloads Folder that the files have been copied.

    Important Before using Find Player, please setup Platform and Customer and install the plaforms player software (step b1/b2/b3/b4).

    VLC Portable Player

    VLC Portable Player Support

    VLC Portable PLayer: VLC is an open platform video player, we have added an option to use this player in a portable run without installing version. You will need to download the player, run the exe and then use the semi-auto setup. Set platform to VLC, click save and then click find player, you will be prompted with an open file window, just browse and select the VLCPortable.exe file in the extracted VLCPortable folder.

    POT Portable Player Support

    PotPlayer Portable : Is a freeware portable video player that supports soft subtitles as deployed with the MKV and MP4 exports in Luxriot EVO. Download the latest version PotPlayer, or download a zipped container of the POT files, extract these files and then set your platform to POT and browse to the file PotPlayerPortable.exe when using setup as described above.

    Player Folder Log Folder
    Copy Folder Location (sample of what files you should have) Log Folder (may also contain error folder and config.xml)

    Option: We have integrated with USB Disk Ejector, a really handy open source utility enabling easy USB eject functionality. We have created an additional folder "USBTools" in the log folder. If you want to use this utility simply download the zip file and place the exe in the tools folder. This optional function is only active when USB devices are selected.

    Option: Create a folder in CopyFilesLocation called autorun and place in this folder an icon that you wish to be displayed when the DVD is inserted. this needs to be a windows compatible icon called DVD.ico, you can download an example.

    Auto Destination Detection

    One of the great features of companion is the auto detection of USB devices, when the software starts we automatically detect your DVD device(s) and we also detect, on the fly, the insertion and removal of USB devices such as memory sticks or HDD.

    DVD Drive is enabled, you can select other drives from the top menu bar USB memory stick is enabled. You will see two file list boxes, you can click on file names to remove them. USB Hard Disk is enabled. Under the icon we list the available USB devices, you can change selection here.


    Basic operation:

  • Select Media, NOTE! if using advanced DVD function DO NOT format disc, this is done within the advanced burn routine.
  • Complete the reference fields, these fields are preformatted to only accept certain text entries.
  • Click to copy files.

  • Quick Copy:

    From file menu you can select Get Recent Export this will automatically look for the most recent video file and prepare to copy, the reference fields will also update. Once selected a countdown timer gives opportunity to pause the copy, you can also click the button to start the copy immediately.

    Use Advanced DVD:

    This is an advanced method for burning to DVD. This function uses an alternative burn method and requires a completely blank disk. If using this function its best to disable Windows "Burn to Disk" function, see below.

    Open Regedit (Warning if your not sure what your doing speak to your IT support)

    Navigate to the following registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE for all users, or HKEY_CURRENT_USER for the currently logged in user.

    Look for a key called NoCDBurning. If it does not exist, you can create a new DWORD value under the Explorer folder by performing the following steps:

    Click "Edit" > "New" > "DWORD Value". Name it NoCDBurning without quotes. Press "Enter" to save.
    Double-click on NoCDBurning and you can set the value to 1 to disable CD burning or set it to 0 to enable.

    Advanced burning will copy your files directly and much quicker to optical disk, the advanced routines require a completely blank disk, if you are not happy editing the registry, then simply click cancel if prompted by Windows to set up your CD/DVD.


  • Player Location : Allows browsing to root folder for Video Player, can also update in settings.

  • Load Settings : Enables loading of settings from saved xml.

  • show Errors : Useful if things are not quite working as they should, also saves a log file.

  • show Settings : Toggles displays settings visibility, clicking in window opens settings matrix enabling edit.

  • Toggle Test Mode: Toggles software to testmode.

  • Using RW Optical Disks:

    We support RW optical disks. If using Windows format method disks cannot be used with advanced burner. If you use RW with advanced burner, you can use the erase function and re-use the optical disk.


    In the logging folder we save a spreadsheet containing the download file audit, this can be taken from the drive, a new file will be created on start-up.This log, in .csv, saves the user and incident name, along with time and date information as well as video files exported.If debug ticked burning is disabled.

    In the logging folder, when show errors is enabled, we save an error log in a sub folder, this can be useful when debugging errors.

    Fault logging and debug:

    When Show Errors is enabled (True) a list box will appear on the RHS, this will display any errors detected, this box will also show debug information when debug is set to true. Any errors detected while the box is displayed will also be saved to a log file in folder in the main log folder. You can delete items by clicking on them in the list box, when in debug mode all information in box will be cleared. We have included a lot of error trapping, certain errors are generated because disks or drives are not ready, in most cases we wait a while and try again, error and debugging is for information only.


    Awaiting update:

    By installing the Videcom Download Companion you are deemed to have accepted the following: Download Companion, © Videcom Security 2019 has been written by Videcom Security Ltd and is designed to assist in the export to removeable media on Dahua and Luxriot EVO Based CCTV systems. The software supports both Dahua Smart PSS and DSS clients and Luxriot EVO Monitor, providing the export file names are in the default client naming formats.

    This application is free to use for 30 days, if you self-install the software Videcom Security Ltd will not accept any liability or responsibility for any damage caused to your systems, any loss in your video data or any other losses incurred. Any advice given is given freely and in good faith, if you are in any doubt regarding the use or functionality of this software then we ask that you do not install it or you install onto a system that is setup for testing so you can become familiar with the functionality before proceeding. The software has been written by Videcom Security Ltd, using Microsoft , the DVD advanced burner OCX is written by Viscomsoft


    Dahua, Smart PSS, PSS and DSS are all trademarks of ZHEJIANG DAHUA TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD. Videcom Security Ltd.
    Luxriot EVO and EVO are trademarks of A&H software House Inc. in Copiague, NY, 11726.



  • cbxUseAnvanceDVD - When set to True Advanced DVD write routines will be used (default = True)
  • Client - Used to store client name (default = blank)
  • CopyFilesLocation- Location where Smart Player and other common files to be copied are saved (default = "")
  • Customer - Used by copy routing to name DVD/USB device (default="")
  • LogFilePath - Location for log and other files (default = c:\companion log)
  • Platform - Denotes platform for last download support, options PSS,DSS,EVO (default = DSS)
  • PlayerFolderName - Name of folder that contains player (default = SmartPlayer)
  • PlayerName - Name iof your video player exe
  • ShowErrors - Manages software error reporting (default = False)
  • TestMode - Used to denote system in test mode, writes to HDD (default = false)
  • TestPath - Used by testmode this is the path to write to HDD (default = "")
  • VideoDataLocation- last used location where video files are stored on HDD (default = "")
  • WriteDVD - System variable, set by software (default = true)
  • Debug - Displays debug infor in errors windows when showerros is enabled

  • We have included a save to file for the settings, which will automatically save the settings to the log path directory default C:/companion Log, when you save a new version the old copy will be copied to a backup folder. If for some reason you lose your settings, or re-install you can restore your settings from file. You will be prompted if we find a valid config file in the default folder.

    Download or view sample config file.


    Smart PSS by Dahua

    Videcom Dahua Smart PSS

    Smart PSS is Dahua's free to download and use CCTV client, Smart PSS allows connection to Dahua security hardware such as cameras, recorders & door entry, enabling live view, download and configuration. Videcom Download Companion works with Smart PSS. To download click the icon on the left. For instruction on how to update the software logo to Videcom please see below.

    Update Smart Player Logo:

  • Download Videcom Toolbar logo
  • Find folder where Smart PSS is installed, i.e. C:/Program Files/Smart Proffesional/
  • Browse to path /Smart Professional Surveillance System/SmartPSS/Skin/theme1/Main/
  • Rename existing logo.png file
  • Copy our toolbar.png to /theme1/Main/ folder.


    Smart Screen and Antivirus

    We have noticed that both Windows Smart Screen and certain Antivirus solutions may ask you to verify our software. You can normally add an exception in your antivirus software to exclude checking, this like the registry editing is entirely at your risk. The main reason the Antivirus software does not like our Companion is due to the small number of users. We are currently looking at improving our software rating both with windows smart screen and Antivirus systems. Our example works with Norton, in tab : Scans and Risks, we have added "Videcom Dahua Companion.exe" in the section "items to exclude from scans".