Time Synchronisation windows 7

You can easily configure your VNR or Windows computer to act as a NTP time server and synchronise other CCTV assets on your network. Where possible synchronise the master NTP computer to a GPS or internet time source. Then simply make some small registry changes as follows and reboot your time provider. On your other computers simply change the time source for synchronisation to the IP address of your NTP server. Be sure your familiar with the risks of editing the registry.

(Please ensure you understand how to modify registry settings before attempting this.)

Open Regedit and browse to:

Config\ AnnounceFlags\ DWORD 5
TimeProviders\ NtpServer\ Enabled DWORD 1
TimeProviders\ VMICTimeProvider\ Enabled, DWORD 0    Back to Top

How to play my IP camera through a media player

For this example we recommend VLC Media Player, which is free to download. The majority of modern cameras have access to their RTSP stream. An RTP address (URL) is required to tell media player where to find the video stream you want to view. In our example we have shown the stream from a Dahua camera. We can also add the camera user name and password to the stream string.

Dahua RTSP stream location for main stream; Maintream subtype=0 for Substream subtype=1

rtsp://user:password@ipaddress:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=[x]&subtype=[y], where [x] is the device channel number and [y] is the stream type. For a cameras main stream [x] =1 and [y] = 0, for a recorder channel 5 [x]= 5

Without user credentials rtsp://ipaddress:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0

With user credentials rtsp://user:password@ipaddress:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0

Default Dahua IP and username example


With password incorporated within string (user admin password admin)


Install VLC and from menu bar Media, select Open Network Stream (CTRL + N) and enter your rtsp URL string. The details of how your cameras RTSP URL is formatted is normally found in the user guide or the network configuration web interface.

Luxriot EVO Mail server with GMail

Gmail by Google is an easy way to set up your Luxriot EVO mail sending server, Gmail is free to use and is support by the EVO software suite. First you need to set up your google gmail account.You will also need to change some settings in your gmail account via the web interface and enable POP3 in Gmail Settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Once you have your account setup, for example someone@gmail.com, you can then setup your mail server in EVO Configurator

EVO Setting Name Value
Host: smtp.gmail.com
Port : 587
Username: someone@gmail.com
Password: your chosen password
Security Mode: TLS

Gmail requires that you enable less secure apps to access your account, when you first try sending an email from EVO you may get an email in your Gmail inbox explaining this and how to enable your account for less secure apps. To change this setting click here.You may also be requested to verify your sending IP address, if this is the case you will receive an email in your gmail inbox, if you do not plan to look at your gmail we recommend forwarding all gmail to a known mail account you use.

Using Pelco Menu with Genie Encoders

Many Pelco telemetry based cameras support OSD Menu via a Pre-Set, typically calling Pre-Set 95 will bring up your camera configuration menu. Often the issue on integrated systems is entering the sub-menu which requires the issuing of an Iris Open Command. ONVIF integration with the Genie CCTV encoder does not support IO/IC/FF/FN so we need to use HTTP APi commands for the Truen based encoder.

Using the Genie Web Configurator with Internet Explorer, first issue a Pre-Set Command to open the menu, then use the TU/TD to navigate your menu. On a send navigator tab navigate to: http://<IP_Address>/httpapi/SendPTZ?action=sendptz&PTZ_CHANNEL=1&PTZ_MOVE=irisopen&PTZ_TIMEOUT=10 and every time you need to enter a menu item refresh this second page to issue a IO command to the encoder. <IP_Address> insert your camera IP Address here.

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