Videcom are an appointed UK Dahua Integration Partner, through training and development in partnership with Dahua UK, we are able to deliver cutting edge CCTV solutions at premium cost with enhanced functionality such as Dahua Analytics, Starlight image quality, 4K and beyond. All Dahua Cameras are also Luxriot EVO compatible including the passing of analytic events to Global event manager.

Dahua Security HDCVI Cameras
HDCVI: High Definition full HD including 4K (utilising 3.0) CCTV delivered over existing coaxial cables. Dahua Security HDCVI technology delivers full HD CCTV, enables backward support of your analogue cameras and also allows the introduction of ONVIF IP technologies.

With a comprehensive range of cameras, some supporting advanced analytics such as ANPR Videcom are happy to recommend Dahua products as part of your premium CCTV installation.

HDCVI technology provides a cost effective upgrade to Full HD CCTV, allows re-use of existing coaxial cables whilst delivering an upgrade path to the full range of ONVIF compliant CCTV products offered by Videcom.

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HD Resolution
Dahua HFW-1220R Bullet HDCVI Camera
Standard HDCVI cameras are based on an advanced 2MPixel image sensor delivering full HD 1920x1080, cameras are built into an aluminium casting delivering a professional and hard wearing high specification CCTV camera.HDCVI 3.0 Three Point Zero supports 4K UHD CCTV.

With a wide choice of cameras from the simple bullet style camera below, with manual lens adjustment through to auto-focusing and PTZ units, the Dahua range has a camera for every budget and application.

  • HFW-1220R
  • Real Time @ 1080P resolution.
  • Full HD and SD output switchable.
  • Adjustable 2.7-12mm vari-focal lens.
  • Max. IR length 30m, Smart IR.
  • IP67, DC12V.
  • Recording
    Dahua Penta-Brid Hybrid recorder
    Flexibility is the key to the full Dahua HDCVI range of recorders, many support HDCVI, AHD, TVI, CVBS PAL and IP ONVIF. This allows migration from existing analogue CCTV systems whilst reutilising some of the cameras already installed. Systems are scalable and include the ability to add ONVIF third party PTZ such as RedVision cameras.

    Videcom are able to design your Dahua recording solution allowing for future growth of your systems whilst also allowing improvement and connection of your analogue CCTV cameras utilising the advanced recording resolutions available throughout the Dahua recording range.

    Model shown XVR 5104/08c 4/8 channel HDCVI recorder.
    Dahua Mobile iPhone Android App
    Mobile CCTV Viewing: Simple setup and operation through QRCode, download software from your device App Store, connect using serial number, username and password and you're ready to go. User friendly interface, easy to setup security and operation including remote playback and live viewing, supports audio as well as modern mobile user interfacing and swipe commands.

    Smart PSS: Simple to setup, easy to operate Professional Security Surveillance, designed to work across the range of Dahua products including IP recorders, Video decoders, ANPR, HDCVI systems and video display walls. Smart PSS is an excellent CCTV control suite and video management platform or entry level enterprise solutions.
    Dahua HDCVI ®

    Don't ditch the COAX

    Dahua 2018

    4MP HDCVI Cameras

    What is HDCVI ? High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI), Dahua's in-house technology with patented Intellectual Property Rights, is an over-coaxial-cable analog HD video standard that allows long-distance HD transmission at friendly cost to meet the requirements for complex and large installations.

    HDCVI technology provides complete end-to-end solutions for upgrading traditional analog systems seamlessly and for building reliable high definition video surveillance systems. As 'High Definition' indicates, HDCVI technology features high resolution of 4MP/1080P/720P and even up to 4K, leading the pace of the market to meet customers' increasing requirements for higher definition. As 'Composite' indicates, HDCVI technology transmits video, audio, data and even power over one coaxial cable according to signal modulation/demodulation and equalization technology. HDCVI surveillance system inherits all advantages of traditional analog surveillance system, especially 'Simplicity', which means Plug & Play, using existing cabling, compatible with different video formats etc. Furthermore, HDCVI technology enables long transmission distance up to 1200m, making system deployment more adaptable and flexible.

    Reports suggest that more than a quarter of traditional CCTV systems are falling short of Data Protection requirements, with full HD CCTV and even 4K plus CCTV images becoming mainstream many older systems are being left behind and are often deemed too expensive to upgrade or even maintain.

    Typically your CCTV systems Data Protection registration will require that recorded video data is fit for the purpose of identifying suspects and your images must be of sufficient quality to achieve this goal. Together with these pressing needs is data security, integrity of systems and of availability and safe distribution of this digital video data.

    At Videcom we are ever aware of the needs to update aging technology and through these upgrades we aim to deliver savings through lower maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption and improved system performance. We already upgrade and install a wide range of HD IP based CCTV systems, the ideal equipment choice for new builds or where fresh cabling can be installed. But we have many customers new and existing who have invested over the years in fixed CCTV coaxial cabling, these cables and the investment you have made can be re-used when considering a Full HD and even 4K CCTV upgrade for your CCTV system.

    How it works: Videcom, using the latest HDCVI (HD CCTV over coaxial cabling) can install full HD & 4K CCTV cameras over your existing camera cabling, these cameras produce the full real time 1080P or greater video images onto a new multi-standard low cost, energy efficient recorder. The recording systems can accept standard analogue which is up-scaled from the traditional D1 or VGA recording, HDCVI as well as ONVIF integration for IP cameras.

    HDCVI is now supported with our VNR and Luxriot EVO Global recording solutions. VNR and EVO now allow a wider choice of camera integration.

    Dahua Firmware is now available for download Dahua Firmware.

    Dahua Technology is a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry. With around 13,000 employees all over the world, Dahua solutions, products, and services are used in over 180 countries and regions. Dahua has 35 subsidiaries globally covering Asia, the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Africa, etc. With its surveillance solutions, Dahua delivers unparalleled quality, reliability and stability.

    Dahua is committed to providing its highest quality solutions and products with the latest technologies to enable end users to perform their business successfully. In 2001, Dahua became the first company in China to launch an 8-channel real-time embedded digital video recorder. Since then, the company has continued to invest in building strong R&D capabilities for new technology and innovation.

    Videcom are committed to work with Dahua and their development team, through manufacturer training, customer facing presentation and awareness seminars and support through product evaluation and field testing. Videcom are a major Dahua CCTV Installation and Systems integration partner, utilising their CCTV, ANPR and Analytics capabilities often integrated with our VNR and EVO Global VMS.

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