SceneVu Connected

SceneVu Connected is a software suite and software tools designed to provide intuitive CCTV monitoring of mobile connected CCTV and enable integration with our Videcom VNR video management systems.

The example screen above is a simple reproduction of our 9-Way FTP image viewer; each client system is configured to allow for motion enabled image transfer from the cameras directly to a central storage server. This server retains the last image which is then displayed through the auto refresh display.

Images are transferred from the camera over the mobile network using 4G and utilising a secure VPN tunnel to a central server, where 4G CCTV is not available our routers automatically drop to 3G CCTV to maintain coverage and connectivity. SceneVu cameras can also operate over broadband, public Wi-Fi networks and Town Centre Wi-Fi transmission systems.

The Cyclops camera, a single HD 360 degree PTZ is fully integrated and allows for operator enabling of the motion transmitted image function. Customers can chose through simple icon clicks or communication via SMS messaging, to enable the various functions of the camera. Full PTZ control is available through SceneVu Connected as well as our traditional VNR client and monitor wall drivers.

SceneVu cameras have been developed with integration in mind and provide real time video streaming into both Connected and VNR client workstations. Full control of camera functions, replay, live and download are available through the connected interface. HD remote replay is also possible where network bandwidth over 4G is available, SceneVu supports low cost non fixed IP mobile data connectivity utilising secure VPN tunnelling for both clients and cameras. Viewing from mobile phones and tablets remains possible again through managed secure VPN connectivity.

Long duration viewing over 4G is possible by dual streaming the cameras customers are able to view streaming video at QVGA resolutions in a multi-screen format then just by clicking full screen images the resolutions are increased to HD while still maintain PTZ control (subject to 4G CCTV coverage). With just 25 GB data cameras can be viewed for extended periods with data capacity for review and small incident download over the mobile network.

For larger downloads local connection to the camera is available over Wi-Fi which also supports Wi-Fi enabled hard disks for bulk download. Local connection with a laptop or table is also available over the Wi-Fi local connection. Remote control is maintained through secure desktop sharing from inside the secure VPN CCTV network.